Apley Pool

Apley Pool in Shropshire is a fishing spot exclusively for Telford Angling Association (TAA) members, but non-members can fish with a day ticket.

All anglers, TAA members, or not, need a valid EA Rod Licence for fishing in England.

Compliance with these rules ensures a successful fishing experience while adhering to regulations.

Apley Pool

Apley Pool, Apley, Telford TF1 6TA, United Kingdom

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Apley PoolApley Pool

About Apley Pool

Apley Pool in Shropshire is a fishing spot where only members of the Telford Angling Association (TAA) are allowed to fish. But if you’re not a member, you can still fish there by buying a day ticket. You can get these tickets from the person in charge of the fishery or through the TAA’s online shop.

It’s important to remember that everyone who wants to fish at Apley Pool, whether they’re a TAA member or not, must have a valid EA Rod Licence. This licence is given out by the Environment Agency and is needed for fishing in England. Make sure to have your rod licence with you when you’re fishing, as you may be asked to show it by the Environment Agency or the Police.

By following these rules and making sure you have the right licences, you can have a great day of fishing at Apley Pool while also following the regulations set by the authorities.