Boldings Pools

Boldings Fishery in Shropshire features the popular Beech Pool, offering a great fishing experience for both competitive anglers and leisure fishermen.

With 30 comfortable fishing spots, anglers can target various fish species, including carp and tench.

‘The Point’ at spot number seven is a notable fishing location.

The pool’s biggest fish, a carp named ‘Wide-Load,’ weighs 25lb 4oz, but a 24lb 6oz catch may soon surpass it.

Boldings Pools

Boldings Pools, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, WV16 4SS

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Boldings PoolsBoldings PoolsBoldings Pools

About Boldings Pools

Boldings Fishery in Shropshire has a popular fishing spot called the Beech Pool. It’s great for both people who like to compete in fishing matches and those who just enjoy fishing for fun. There are 30 spots where you can fish comfortably. One special thing about the Beech Pool is its curved central arm that goes into the middle of the pool. Spot number seven, also known as ‘The Point,’ is famous for being a spot where anglers fish in front of others.

You can find a variety of fish in the Beech Pool, like different types of carp, tench, roach, rudd, bream, and barbel. The biggest fish in the pool is a carp called ‘Wide-Load’ that weighs 25lb 4oz. But another angler caught a carp weighing 24lb 6oz, which could soon become the new biggest fish in the pool. Anglers are encouraged to try their luck and see if they can catch these impressive fish.

Whether you’re competing in a fishing match or just fishing for fun, the Beech Pool at Boldings Fishery is a great place to fish. Have fun fishing and good luck catching some big fish!