Dudmaston Big Pool in Shropshire is a picturesque fishing spot near Bridgnorth, popular with the Kinver Freeliners club.

Known for its hard-fighting tench fish, anglers enjoy catching them in the lake’s varied areas filled with reeds and lily pads.

The lake also offers opportunities to catch roach, rudd, pike, perch, and eels, making it a favorite destination for anglers seeking a memorable fishing experience in a serene setting.


Dudmaston, Quatt, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, WV15 6QN, United Kingdom

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About Dudmaston

Dudmaston Big Pool in Shropshire is a popular fishing spot for the Kinver Freeliners club. It is located near Bridgnorth and offers a beautiful view of the Dudmaston Hall estate. The lake is known for its tench fish, which are fun to catch because they fight hard. Anglers have been catching these fish for many years, with some sessions resulting in over fifty catches. The average weight of the tench is around three to four pounds, and they require strong fishing gear to reel them in.

The lake is 16 acres in size and has a mix of shallow and deep areas. There are reeds and lily pads where the tench like to hang out. If the tench aren’t biting, anglers can try catching roach and rudd instead. The lake also has pike, perch, and eels, with some big perch and eels being caught. There are special nights where members can fish for eels at night.

Overall, Dudmaston Big Pool is a favorite spot for Kinver Freeliners members due to its great fishing and beautiful scenery. It’s a special place for anglers looking for a memorable fishing experience in the peaceful surroundings of Shropshire.