Owestrey Lakes

Owestrey Lakes in Shropshire offers two well-maintained fishing pools, Eccleston and Blurton Pool, providing a peaceful and natural environment for anglers.

Working with fisheries experts, they focus on ensuring healthy fish populations and maintaining a high-quality fishing experience.

Visitors can enjoy catching big, healthy fish while following the fishery’s rules for a successful trip.

Owestrey Lakes

Owestrey Lakes, Owestry, Shropshire, SY10 9ER

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Owestrey LakesOwestrey LakesOwestrey Lakes

About Owestrey Lakes

At Owestrey Lakes in Shropshire, we have two fishing pools called Eccleston Pool and Blurton Pool. These pools were made 20 years ago and have grown nicely, with a focus on keeping the natural environment intact. Unlike other fishing spots, our pools are not crowded with too many people, so you can enjoy the peace and quiet while fishing.

We are very proud of our fishery and work with experts like VS Fisheries and AE Fisheries to make sure it stays healthy. They help us with things like making the habitat better, deciding how many fish to put in the pools, and feeding them properly.

Our goal at Owestrey Lakes is to give anglers the chance to catch big, healthy fish. We are different from other places where you might catch a lot of fish that aren’t in good shape. You can see some of the amazing fish caught by our guests in our photo gallery.

To keep our fishery top-notch, we have some rules for fishing. It’s important to read and understand these rules before you start fishing. If you don’t follow the rules, your fishing trip might be cut short.