Creedy Lakes

Creedy Lakes in Devon offer two picturesque lakes with big carp and tench fish, making them popular spots for fishing.

The Main Lake is suitable for experienced anglers with larger carp, while the Top Lake is ideal for catching a big 20-pounder in a smaller setting.

Both lakes provide a peaceful and enjoyable outdoor fishing experience.

Creedy Lakes

Creedy Lakes, Down St Mary, Crediton, Devon, EX17 4AB, United Kingdom

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Creedy Lakes

About Creedy Lakes

Creedy Lakes in Devon are two beautiful lakes surrounded by peaceful scenery. They have a lot of big, strong carp that are fun to catch. The lakes also have tench fish. The Main Lake is bigger and has larger carp, making it a good choice for experienced anglers. The Top Lake is smaller and has smaller fish, but you might still catch a big 20-pounder. Both lakes are great for fishing and enjoying the outdoors.