Sundridge Lakes

Relax by the scenic Sundridge Lakes in Devon, offering a serene environment for reading, sunbathing, and wildlife watching.

Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy the stocked lake, with carp weighing over 20 pounds.

Remember to follow fishing rules like using barbless hooks and opting for bait like sweetcorn or bread for a pleasant experience.

Sundridge Lakes

Sundridge Lakes, Holbeton, Devon, PL8 2LN

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Sundridge Lakes

About Sundridge Lakes

Looking to relax by the lake at Sundridge Lakes in Devon? You can enjoy the beautiful views, read a book, sunbathe, and even watch the wildlife that lives around the lake.

If you enjoy fishing, you’ll be happy to know that the lake was stocked with different types of carp over 35 years ago. The biggest catch so far is over 20 pounds!

When fishing, remember to follow these rules: don’t use keep nets, use barbless hooks, and make sure your fishing equipment is clean.

If you need bait ideas, consider using sweetcorn, bread, or luncheon meat. Enjoy your time at Sundridge Lakes!