Home Farm Lake

The text describes a farm in Warwickshire that has a diverse range of animals and a lake stocked with various types of fish, including carp, silver fish, tench, chubb, and roach.

The lake was created in 2004 and is a popular spot for fishing enthusiasts to relax and enjoy the serene countryside setting.

Home Farm Lake

Home Farm Lake, Kineton Rd, Lighthorne, Warwick, CV47 8HX

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Home Farm LakeHome Farm Lake

About Home Farm Lake

Our farm in Warwickshire is a peaceful place where we have lots of animals like children, dogs, sheep, cows, pigs, chickens, and fish. In 2004, we made a lake in a field that was always wet. We started by putting in fish like silver fish, tench, chubb, and roach. Now, our lake is full of different kinds of carp like common, crucian, and mirror carp. Every year, we see all the fish laying eggs and making more babies. We have some really special fish like F1 hybrids and goldfish too.

Our farm and lake are a great place for people who like fishing to relax and have fun in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside. Whether you love fishing or just enjoy being near the water, you are welcome to come and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and see all the different fish we have in our lake.