Friezeland Pools

Friezeland Pools in Warwickshire offer five Carp fishing lakes, including the popular Friezeland Pool, Lower Friezeland Pool with record weights, Upper Friezeland Pool for night fishing, Pam’s Pool with diverse fish sizes, and Pats Pool for experienced anglers, named after the owner’s late mother.

Night fishing and matches available.

Friezeland Pools

Friezeland Pools, Friezeland Lane, Market Bosworth, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV13 6PD, United Kingdom

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Friezeland PoolsFriezeland Pools

About Friezeland Pools

Friezeland Pools in Warwickshire are located next to Bosworth Water Park and offer five Carp fishing lakes for serious anglers.

Friezeland Pool is the oldest and most popular lake with a good amount of fish to catch. Night fishing is allowed on weekends and there are also matches held here.

Lower Friezeland Pool is a warm pond with Carp, Tench, and Bream. Matches and pleasure fishing are allowed here, with a record winning weight of 342lbs in 2019.

Upper Friezeland Pool is great for night fishing and has a lot of Carp in different sizes.

Pam’s Pool, named after the bailiff, offers a variety of fish between 2 and 20lbs. It is a deep lake with good fishing all year round and is available for matches and night fishing.

Pats Pool is a new addition with Carp and some silver fish. It is a great pool for experienced anglers and is named after the owner’s late mother.