Arden Lakes

Arden Lakes in Warwickshire, under new ownership since 2020, offers six lakes with diverse fishing experiences.

The owners are enhancing the facility to cater to anglers’ needs year-round.

With a variety of fish and ongoing improvements, Arden Lakes remains a premier destination for fishing enthusiasts seeking a beautiful and rewarding experience.

Arden Lakes

Arden Lakes, Preston Bagot, Warwickshire, CV37 0QA, United Kingdom.

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Arden LakesArden LakesArden Lakes

About Arden Lakes

Arden Lakes in Warwickshire was bought by new owners at the end of 2020. They are working hard to make the facility even better for local anglers and visitors.

There are six lakes at Arden Lakes, each offering a different fishing experience. The lakes have a mix of fish, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy all year round. Whether you like fishing in the summer or winter, Arden Lakes has the perfect spot for you.

The owners are making improvements to the lakes to make them even better for anglers. With these upgrades and a variety of fishing options, Arden Lakes will continue to be a top choice for people looking for a great fishing experience in a beautiful setting.