Warwick Canal

The Warwick Canal, originally part of the Warwick/Birmingham Canal, was constructed in the 1790s in Warwickshire for transporting goods.

Over time, it became the Warwick-Napton Canal and played a significant role in the town’s development.

Now a historic site, it offers recreational activities such as boating and fishing for visitors.

Warwick Canal

Warwick Canal, Warwickshire, NN11 7, United Kingdom

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Warwick CanalWarwick Canal

About Warwick Canal

The Warwick Canal in Warwickshire is a small canal that was built in the 1790s. It was originally part of the Warwick/Birmingham Canal, but later became known as the Warwick-Napton Canal. The canal was used to transport goods near the Town Centre, including to Warwick Castle and the market. In 1822, a gas works was built near the canal, which increased its use. Today, the canal is a historic feature where people can enjoy activities like boating and fishing.