Coombe Country Park

Coombe Pool Fishery in Coombe Country Park, Warwickshire, is an 80-acre lake within Coombe Abbey Park where anglers can catch big fish like Pike, Zander, Carp, Tench, and Bream.

There are fishing rules to maintain a healthy fish population, including a close season from 16 June to 14 March, with restrictions on pike and zander until 1 October.

Coombe Country Park

Coombe Country Park, Brinklow Rd, Coventry CV3 2AB, United Kingdom

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Coombe Country ParkCoombe Country Park

About Coombe Country Park

At Coombe Country Park in Warwickshire, there is a beautiful lake called Coombe Pool Fishery where people can go fishing. The lake is 80 acres big and is located within Coombe Abbey Park. It is known for having big fish like Pike, Zander, Carp, Tench, and Bream, which makes it a great place for anglers to visit.

It’s important to know that Coombe Pool Fishery follows fishing rules. There is a time of the year called the close season, which is from 16 June to 14 March when fishing is allowed. But during this time, fishing for pike and zander is not allowed until 1 October. This is to make sure that the fish population stays balanced and healthy.

Coombe Pool Fishery is a special place for anglers to enjoy fishing in a peaceful and beautiful environment. Whether you want to catch pike, zander, carp, tench, or bream, this fishery is a great spot to spend time outdoors and have a memorable fishing experience.