Hintlesham Fisheries

Hintlesham Fisheries in Suffolk offers four lakes for fishing, with Specimen Lake 1 standing out for its abundance of big carp, including over 80 weighing 20 pounds or more.

The largest fish caught here was 35 pounds, making it an ideal spot for both experienced and novice anglers.

Hintlesham Fisheries

Hintlesham Fisheries, Fenn Farm, George Street, Hintlesham, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP8 3EG

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Hintlesham FisheriesHintlesham Fisheries

About Hintlesham Fisheries

Welcome to Hintlesham Fisheries in Suffolk! We have four lovely lakes for fishing, perfect for all levels of anglers.

One of our best lakes is Specimen Lake 1. It’s known for having lots of big carp, with over 80 fish that weigh 20 pounds or more. The biggest fish caught here was 35 pounds, showing just how great the fishing can be. Whether you’re experienced or just love carp fishing, Specimen Lake 1 is a great place to try and catch some impressive fish.