River Cherwell

The River Cherwell in Oxfordshire offers a serene fishing experience at Hampton Poyle, where anglers can catch roach, chub, and perch in a picturesque countryside setting.

The river’s natural beauty and variety of fish make it an ideal spot for both dedicated anglers and those seeking a peaceful outdoor retreat.

River Cherwell

River Cherwell, Oxfordshire, OX5 2QF, United Kingdom

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River CherwellRiver Cherwell

About River Cherwell

The River Cherwell in Oxfordshire is a great spot for fishing. At Hampton Poyle, you can enjoy a peaceful and scenic fishing experience as the river flows through fields and countryside. There aren’t many designated fishing spots, so you can move around and find the perfect place to catch fish.

The river is full of roach, especially when the water is a bit murky. Anglers also come here to catch chub and perch, which can grow quite big.

Whether you’re looking to catch a specific fish or just relax in nature, fishing along the River Cherwell at Hampton Poyle is a lovely way to spend an afternoon.