Manor House Fishery

Manor House Fisheries in Nateby, Lancashire, offers four serene lakes with a variety of fish sizes for anglers.

Membership is preferred through introduction, but day tickets are available for non-members.

With well-maintained facilities, a friendly environment, and a membership system, anglers can enjoy quality fishing experiences at this fishery.

Manor House Fishery

Manor House Fishery, Manor House Farm, Manor Lane, Nateby, Garstang, Lancashire, PR3 0LN

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Manor House Fishery

About Manor House Fishery

Manor House Fisheries is a peaceful fishery located in Nateby, near Garstang in Lancashire. It is privately owned and offers four well-established lakes with a variety of fish ranging from 1lb to 30lb. The fishery has 10-30 fishing pegs on each lake and all the fish are in great condition.

The fishery has on-site toilets, large car parks, well-maintained fishing pegs, and a friendly atmosphere. To become a member, it is preferred that you are introduced by an existing member. However, if this is not possible, a limited number of anglers can visit on a day ticket basis. Non-members can only fish in ponds 1 and 4 with a charge of £6.00 for one rod.

After visiting the fishery three times and showing that you can follow the rules and are a competent angler, you may be allowed to become a member. Once you become a member, you will receive a free membership card that allows you to fish in any of the four waters with multiple rods at a reduced rate.