Anglezarke Reservoir

Anglezarke Reservoir in Lancashire supplies drinking water to Wigan, offering bream fishing opportunities with restrictions on ground baiting.

Anglers can catch bream, roach, and pike, but must follow rules on bait, equipment, and designated fishing areas.

Day tickets must be purchased in advance; alcohol and dogs are prohibited on-site.

Anglezarke Reservoir

Anglezarke Reservoir, Moor Rd, Chorley, Lancashire PR6 9DQ, United Kingdom

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Anglezarke Reservoir

About Anglezarke Reservoir

Anglezarke Reservoir is a large reservoir located near Chorley in Lancashire. It covers an area of over 190 acres and provides drinking water to the town of Wigan. The reservoir is popular for bream fishing, with anglers often catching over 50lbs of fish in a single session. It is also home to roach and pike.

To protect the water quality, ground baiting is not allowed. However, you can use feeders and loose maggots as bait. Keep nets are only allowed for official matches, and fishing is only permitted during the day.

Certain areas of the reservoir are off-limits for fishing to protect wildlife, so make sure to check the maps or ask for guidance. Fishing is restricted in some parts during the off-season.

Alcohol and dogs are not allowed on the premises. You must purchase a day ticket from designated outlets before you start fishing, as they are not available at the reservoir.