Claylands Park Fishing

Claylands Park in Lancashire offers four ponds stocked with fish for fishing enthusiasts.

The lodges named Top Pond, Twin, and New Pond cater to different preferences, with Top Pond having diverse fish like Carp and Tench, while New Pond offers bigger Carp.

The Twin ponds have various fish species and offer similar fishing experiences.

Claylands Park Fishing

Claylands Park Fishing, Scorton, Garstang, Lancashire, PR3 1AJ

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Claylands Park Fishing

About Claylands Park Fishing

Fishing is a popular activity at Claylands Park in Lancashire, with four ponds stocked with a variety of fish like Tench and Carp. You can buy day tickets at the reception, with discounts for longer stays.

There are four lodges named Top Pond, Twin, and New Pond. Top Pond is close to amenities and safe, with 12 fishing spots and an average depth of six feet. Carp are common here, averaging 4lbs. Other fish like Trench, Roach, and Crucian Carp can also be found. Use baits like maggot, bread flake, sweetcorn, and luncheon meat.

New Pond is similar to Top Pond but has bigger fish, like Carp averaging 5lbs. It was built three years after the other ponds and is more peaceful.

The Twin ponds are next to each other, with an average depth of four feet. The smaller pond has lots of Trench, while the larger one has more Roach. Baits and fishing tips are the same for all ponds.