Forrest Hills Fly Fishery

Forrest Hills Fly Fishery in Lancashire offers lake and river fly fishing near the Forest of Bowland.

They provide lessons, corporate activities, wheelchair-accessible facilities, and stock rainbow trout every two weeks from Dunsop Trout Farm.

The fishery offers a serene setting with diverse fishing opportunities and is easily accessible from the M6 motorway.

Forrest Hills Fly Fishery

Forrest Hills Fly Fishery, Lancaster Rd, Ellel, Lancaster LA2 0PH, Lancashire, United Kingdom

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Forrest Hills Fly Fishery

About Forrest Hills Fly Fishery

Forrest Hills Fly Fishery in Lancashire offers both lake and river fly fishing. It is located on the edge of the Forest of Bowland and is just a short drive from the M6 motorway. The fishery is a peaceful and beautiful place with great access.

If you are new to fly fishing, they offer lessons on casting, using imitation flies, and handling fish. They also offer fly fishing as part of corporate training and team building activities.

Forrest Hills is open from early morning until dusk and has parking and restroom facilities. Most of the fishing jetties are accessible for wheelchairs.

The fishery has a 4-acre lake that is fed by springs. The lake has both jetties and areas along the bank for fishing. The lake has depths ranging from 3 to 18 feet, providing a variety of habitats for fish and their food.

The lake is stocked every two weeks with rainbow trout from Dunsop Trout Farm in the Forest of Bowland. Occasionally, you may also catch tiger, blue, and brown trout in the lake.