River Wyre

The River Wyre in Lancashire near the Irish Sea offers fishing opportunities at the WAA fishery in Churchtown.

Accessible via a dirt track on Old Lancaster Road, anglers can catch various fish like chub, barbel, roach, and more, but must be mindful of parking and livestock in the area.

River Wyre

River Wyre, Lancashire, PR3 0, UK

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River Wyre

About River Wyre

The River Wyre in Lancashire is about 8 miles from the Irish Sea at Fleetwood. The WAA fishery is about 1.5 miles long on one side of the river in Churchtown. To get there, you can use a dirt track between the houses on Old Lancaster Road. Make sure not to park in the way or disturb any cows in the area. You can’t drive past Catterall Hall Farm. The footbridge that marks the end of the fishing area is private – WAAA members are not allowed there.

You can catch chub, barbel, roach, perch, bream, dace, eels, trout, sea trout, and salmon in this river.