Woodsetts Quarry Pond

Woodsetts Quarry Pond in Nottinghamshire is a picturesque fishing spot popular for carp fishing.

The fishery carefully manages the carp population, offering a variety of species for anglers to catch, with some carp weighing over 20lbs.

Additionally, the pond is home to other fish species and abundant wildlife, making it a peaceful and well-protected nature reserve.

Woodsetts Quarry Pond

Woodsetts Quarry Pond, Woodsetts, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S81 8BJ, United Kingdom

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Woodsetts Quarry PondWoodsetts Quarry PondWoodsetts Quarry Pond

About Woodsetts Quarry Pond

Woodsetts Quarry Pond in Nottinghamshire is a popular fishing spot with a beautiful lake surrounded by trees. It’s a great place for fishing, especially if you love catching carp.

The fishery takes good care of the carp in the lake by having a plan in place and following regulations. They have introduced around 300 carp into the lake, including different types like Horseshoe/Orchid and Farriers. Anglers have caught carp weighing over 20lbs, with some even bigger. There is also a special common carp that is rarely seen but is believed to weigh around 35lbs.

For those who enjoy coarse fishing, Woodsetts is a great place to catch tench, bream, pike, roach, rudd, and perch. The tench in the lake weigh around 4lbs on average, providing a fun challenge for anglers. Bream in the lake can weigh between 7lbs and 10lbs, making for some exciting fishing experiences. Pike fishing in the winter can be thrilling, and there are plenty of other species to catch as well.

Woodsetts is not just a fishing spot, it’s also a nature reserve with lots of wildlife to see. From birds like sand martins, swallows, and kingfishers to other animals, there’s always something interesting to observe.

To make sure the fishery is well-managed, there are rules in place that anglers need to follow. You can only fish during certain times, and night fishing is only allowed for syndicate members. The fishery is monitored regularly to protect the fish and the environment.

Overall, Woodsetts Quarry Pond is a great place to fish and enjoy nature. Whether you’re into carp fishing or coarse fishing, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at this peaceful and natural setting.