Cromwell Lake

Cromwell Lake and Cromwell Pool in Nottinghamshire offer exceptional carp fishing experiences in beautiful natural settings.

Family-run with top-notch facilities, these venues cater to both beginners and experienced anglers.

With a focus on specimen carp, well-maintained grounds, and quality fish, Cromwell promises a memorable fishing experience for all.

Cromwell Lake

Cromwell Lake, Newark NG23 6JE, United Kingdom

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Cromwell LakeCromwell Lake

About Cromwell Lake

Cromwell Lake, located in Nottinghamshire, is a beautiful 18 acre lake that is perfect for fishing. The lake has a variety of depths, gravel bars, and weed areas, providing a rich natural food source for the fish. Surrounded by trees and wildlife, it creates a peaceful and natural environment for fishing.

In 2004, Cromwell Lake was transformed into a carp fishing venue with a focus on specimen carp. The lake is well-maintained and stocked with quality fish from premier fish farmers. The goal is to continue producing big carp for years to come.

The fishery is family-run and strives to provide top-notch service to anglers. There are 18 spacious swims available for booking, each equipped with landing equipment. The anglers lodge is open 24/7 and offers amenities such as clean toilets, showers, charging points, wifi, and a dining area. Staff are always available to help with any questions or assistance.

In addition to Cromwell Lake, there is also Cromwell Pool available for exclusive booking. This smaller pool is home to hard-fighting carp and offers a peaceful setting for fishing. The pool has various features and depths, providing a fun challenge for anglers.

Facilities at Cromwell Pool include a double swim, secure parking, and use of the anglers lodge. Anglers can bring their own beds and fishing gear, with landing equipment provided. The pool is suitable for up to 2 anglers, with a maximum of 3 rods per person.

Overall, Cromwell Lake and Cromwell Pool offer a great fishing experience with beautiful surroundings and excellent amenities. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced angler, there is something for everyone to enjoy.