River Soar

The River Soar in Kegworth offers exclusive fishing opportunities for members only, with various spots along the river where anglers can catch chub, roach, bream, and other species.

Care must be taken near narrow boat moorings to avoid hitting boats or landing bait on them.

River Soar

River Soar, Nottinghamshire, DE74 2, United Kingdom

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River SoarRiver SoarRiver Soar

About River Soar

The River Soar in Kegworth is a great spot for fishing, but only members are allowed to fish here. Day tickets are not available. Visiting clubs can book up to 45 pegs for matches.

On the downstream part of the river, there are narrow boat moorings where you can find chub and bream. You need to be careful when casting so you don’t hit the boats. Also, be mindful not to throw bait where it could land on a boat.

There are other pegs along the river where you can catch roach, chub, and bream. Fishing in this area can be very rewarding.

Under the bridge, there is a 10-peg stretch that can be accessed by walking under the bridge from the marsh area. This section is good for chub fishing and catching other species as well.

Whether you’re looking to catch chub, roach, bream, or other fish, the River Soar in Kegworth has a variety of fishing spots that can provide a fun and successful fishing experience for members.