Gunville Pond

Gunville Pond in Carisbrooke is the oldest fishery owned by IWFAA, with a range of fish species such as carp, bream, tench, rudd, roach, perch, pike, and eel.

The pond has undergone improvements over the years, offering 30 fishing spots with ample parking.

Visitors can fish by purchasing a day ticket after obtaining a permit or joining the Association.

Gunville Pond

Gunville Pond, Newport, Isle of Wight PO30 5TG, United Kingdom

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Gunville Pond

About Gunville Pond

Gunville Pond is the oldest fishery owned by the IWFAA and can be found on the West side of Gunville Road in Carisbrooke, close to the Argos industrial estate. You can fish at Gunville pond by buying a day ticket, but you have to get a permit or join the Association first. There is enough parking and thirty spots where you can fish. The pond has been improved over the years, with old willows cleared out, swims repaired, and the land drainage system fixed.

Gunville pond has a variety of fish, including carp weighing up to 30lbs. New carp weighing 3-5lbs were added in 2009 and are growing well. There are also bream and tench weighing over 6lbs, as well as rudd and roach weighing over 2lbs. Predator fishers will be interested in the perch, which can weigh up to 4lbs, and the club records for pike at 20lbs 4oz and eel at 4lbs 10oz.