River Yar

The IWFAA oversees fishing areas along the River Yar on the Isle of Wight with diverse fish species.

Members can catch sizable fish like bream, tench, and carp.

Accessible only to IWFAA members, these spots are closed for fishing between March 15th and June 15th, with no day tickets offered.

River Yar

River Yar, Isle of Wight, PO36 0NP, United Kingdom

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River Yar

About River Yar

The IWFAA manages three sections of the River Yar on the Isle of Wight. These areas have a variety of fish including roach, dace, bream, chub, tench, carp, perch, and eels. Despite being a small river, there are some large fish to be found, such as bream over 6lb, tench over 4lb, and carp over 10lb. These fishing spots are only open to IWFAA members and cannot be fished between March 15th and June 15th. Day tickets are not available for these locations.