Langold Lake

Langold Country Park is a 300-acre park with a large fishing lake as its main attraction.

The park is a Local Nature Reserve, offering a peaceful and pretty environment surrounded by trees and wildlife.

Families and visitors can enjoy various activities, including fishing, play areas, and other fun attractions throughout the year.

Langold Lake

Langold Lake, Doncaster Rd, Langold, Worksop S81 9NW, United Kingdom

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Langold LakeLangold LakeLangold Lake

About Langold Lake

Langold Country Park has a big fishing lake that people can use. The park is 300 acres big and the lake is one of the main attractions.

People who like fishing can come here to fish. You can do different types of fishing at the lake. It’s a peaceful and pretty spot surrounded by trees, wildlife, and grassy areas. The park is also a Local Nature Reserve, so the environment is protected and well taken care of.

Families and visitors can come to the park to enjoy the fishing lake and all the other things the park has to offer. There are play areas and lots of fun things to do, making it a great place for everyone to have a good time all year round.