Bestwood Duck Pond

Bestwood Duck Pond in Nottinghamshire offers five picturesque lakes for fishing, featuring Roach and Carp among other fish species.

Specific rules apply, such as using designated fishing shelters and requiring a key for access limited to Association members.

This serene location boasts around 150 fishing spots, catering to diverse preferences.

Bestwood Duck Pond

Bestwood Duck Pond, Bestwood Park, Nottingham NG6 8TQ, United Kingdom

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Bestwood Duck PondBestwood Duck PondBestwood Duck Pond

About Bestwood Duck Pond

Bestwood Duck Pond in Nottinghamshire is a popular fishing spot with five lakes surrounded by beautiful woods. You can catch different types of fish like Roach and Carp here.

But there are rules about using bivvies (a type of fishing shelter) at each lake. Some lakes don’t allow bivvies, and you have to use a specific kind of shelter with spokes coming out from the middle instead.

You need a key to get into the Bestwood Duck Pond area, which is only available to members of the Association. There are about 150 spots to fish from, so there’s something for everyone.

Overall, Bestwood Duck Pond is a great place to fish with a pretty setting and lots of different fish to catch.