Frensham Great Pond

Frensham Great Pond in Surrey offers diverse fishing opportunities, including tench, roach, rudd, perch, and pike.

Anglers can target tench in early summer, roach later in the season, and pike during winter.

The lake is abundant with fish, making it an ideal fishing location, with specific tactics recommended for each species.

Frensham Great Pond

Frensham Great Pond, Bacon Ln, Farnham GU10 2QB, United Kingdom

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Frensham Great Pond

About Frensham Great Pond

Frensham Great Pond in Surrey is a popular fishing spot for anglers looking to catch tench, roach, rudd, perch, and pike. In the early summer, many anglers target tench, with the chance of catching specimens over 7lb. As the season progresses, you may also reel in some large roach. In the winter, pike fishing is a good option, with some fish reaching up to 20lb.

The lake is shallow and covers sixty acres, making it a great place to fish. Aside from the main species, there are also carp in the water. Anglers should use a wire trace when lure fishing to avoid catching pike, as they are also present in the lake.

To avoid crowds, it’s best to fish early in the morning, in the evening, or during the week, especially in the summer. It’s also recommended to stay away from the beach and swimming areas on weekends and holidays.

Feeder tactics work well for catching tench, while carp fishing requires specialized tactics due to the fish’s size and weight gain in recent years. Lure fishing for pike can be exciting in the winter, but using dead baits is advised for larger specimens.