Busbridge Lake in Surrey is a serene and secluded 5-acre lake surrounded by mature trees and lily pads, providing a beautiful spot for fishing.

Set in a private valley near Godalming, the lake offers accessible wheelchair fishing spots and a spacious car park.


Busbridge, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1XY, United Kingdom

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About Busbridge

Busbridge Lake in Surrey is a beautiful and private lake that is almost 5 acres in size. The lake was purchased by the club in August 1989. The location of the lake is what makes it so special, as it is set in a secluded valley on the edge of Godalming. Surrounded by mature trees, Busbridge Lake has lily pads and fallen trees that provide shelter for the carp that live in the lake.

There are pegs (fishing spots) 1-6 that are accessible to wheelchairs, but the rest may require some assistance as there are steps down to the swims that are not suitable for wheelchairs. There is a large car park at the entrance, which only fills up during matches. Overall, Busbridge Lake is a peaceful and picturesque spot for fishing.