Sapphire Lakes

Sapphire Lakes in Newark, Nottinghamshire offers three lakes for fishing: two carp lakes and a course lake.

The lakes provide various features, depths, and fish species.

Prices range from £7 for a day ticket to £25 for 24 hours, with bookings required.

Rules must be read before visiting.

Sapphire Lakes

Sapphire Lakes, Fenton Road, Balderton, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG23 6JQ

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Sapphire LakesSapphire LakesSapphire LakesSapphire Lakes

About Sapphire Lakes

Welcome to Sapphire Lakes in Newark, Nottinghamshire. We have 3 lakes for fishing – 2 carp lakes and a course lake.

The Specimen Carp Lake ‘Jac’ is 4.5 acres with 15 swims. It has 80 carp with 22 over 20lbs and 11 between 25-30lbs. The lake has various features and depths, with weed in warmer months. We provide all equipment and insist on using carp care kits. Bait and tackle are available on site. It costs £25 for 24 hours, and bookings are required.

The Specimen Carp Lake ‘Grace’ is 4 acres with 5 pegs. It can be booked for a social group. Depths range from 2-3ft to 14-15ft. The lake has around 140 carp with an average of 16-18lbs and some over 25-30lbs.

The Match Fishing Lake is 1.5 acres with 14 swims. It has a variety of fish including carp, tench, bream, perch, and roach. All methods work well, and prices are £7 for a day ticket and £17 for 24 hours (bookings required).

Please read the rules before visiting.