Radwell Complex

The Radwell and Sharnbrook Complex in Bedfordshire features 6 gravel pits with various fish species such as carp, tench, bream, perch, pike, and more.

Each pit offers different fishing experiences, with opportunities to catch big fish like carp up to 40lbs and other species like chub, barbel, and dace in the river.

Radwell Complex

Radwell Complex, Radwell, Bedfordshire, MK43 7JY, United Kingdom

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Radwell Complex

About Radwell Complex

The Radwell and Sharnbrook Complex in Bedfordshire has 6 gravel pits ranging in size from 1 acre to 26 acres. The pits have a variety of fish including carp up to 35lbs, tench up to 14lbs, bream up to 16lbs, perch up to 4lbs, pike up to 18lbs, and other small fish.

Pit 1 has big tench and bream, as well as around 10 carp over 20lbs. Pit 2 is similar to Pit 1 but with slightly smaller tench and bigger bream, with carp up to 30lbs. Pit 3 is weedy but has good tench and carp up to 25lbs. Pit 4 is for experienced anglers looking to catch a big fish, with carp up to 40lbs, tench up to 14lbs, and bream up to 16lbs. Pit 4A is a small pit with some carp up to 18lbs and tench up to 8lbs. Pit 5 is about 1 acre and has a few bream up to 8lbs and carp up to 20lbs. Pit 6 is a shallow pit with carp up to 20lbs and bream up to 8lbs.

The river at Radwell and Sharnbrook has monster chub weighing over 7lbs, barbel up to 18lbs, perch up to 4lbs, and dace up to 12ozs.