Pump Hill Pond

Pump Hill Pond, also known as Rackley Hills Lake, is a former sand quarry transformed into a beautiful lake in Bedfordshire.

Accessible through Grundfos Pumps road near Leighton Buzzard, the lake boasts a diverse fish population, including large catfish and carp.

Despite its proximity to industrial units, the pond offers a tranquil countryside ambiance.

Pump Hill Pond

Pump Hill Pond, Bedfordshire, LU7 4, United Kingdom

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Pump Hill Pond

About Pump Hill Pond

Pump Hill Pond in Bedfordshire, also known as Rackley Hills Lake, is located near Leighton Buzzard and can be accessed through the road to Grundfos Pumps. It used to be a sand quarry but has now turned into a beautiful lake. Despite being close to industrial units, it has a countryside feel.

The lake is shallow in some parts and deep in others, ranging from two to twelve feet. There is a bit of weed growth near the edges but not much in the rest of the lake. One of the main attractions of the lake is its large catfish population, with some weighing up to 55 pounds. There are also plenty of carp, with some reaching close to thirty pounds. Recently, smaller mirror carp were introduced and have been growing quickly, with some already reaching 15-17 pounds in just a year.