Elstow Pits

Linear Fisheries Oxford Ltd lays out rules for its Facebook page, emphasizing the importance of creating a safe and positive space for users interested in the fishery.

Users must refrain from sharing false, offensive, or harmful content, and the company reserves the right to remove inappropriate posts, block users, and report violations to Facebook.

Elstow Pits

Elstow Pits, Wilstead Road, Elstow, Bedford, MK42 9YD, United Kingdom.

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Elstow Pits

About Elstow Pits

Linear Fisheries Oxford Ltd wants to create a fun and informative space for people interested in the fishery to enjoy. By using our Facebook page, you agree to follow the rules outlined in this disclaimer/Code of Conduct as well as Facebook’s rules. You are responsible for any comments or posts made under your username.

You must not share false, offensive, or harmful content on our page. This includes anything racist, threatening, or infringing on someone else’s rights. You also cannot advertise or promote anything without our permission.

We monitor our Facebook page regularly and will remove any content that goes against these rules. We reserve the right to block users and report them to Facebook if necessary.

Please use caution when viewing content on our page and report anything that violates these rules. We may update this disclaimer/Code of Conduct at any time. Any information we share on our page is accurate to the best of our knowledge.

Let’s work together to keep our Facebook page a positive and informative space. If you see anything that breaks the rules, please report it to us or directly to Facebook.