Tri Lakes

Tri Lakes in Hampshire are sought-after fishing locations with diverse features like plant-filled areas and islands.

Situated in a public park, they attract crowds in the summer.

The big lake is famous for large carp, while the smaller one is ideal for pike fishing using lures and active searching.

Tri Lakes

Tri Lakes, Yateley, Hampshire, GU46 7SX, United Kingdom

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Tri Lakes

About Tri Lakes

Tri Lakes in Hampshire are popular fishing spots for people all over the UK. The lakes have a variety of features such as areas with lots of plants, islands, and large open water. They are located in a public park where many people walk their dogs and bring their kids in the summer, so it can get crowded. The big lake is known for having big carp that weigh over ten pounds, but you may also catch a personal best roach or rudd. The smaller lake is good for catching pike, but it’s best to use a lure and keep moving around to find them.