Linbrook Lake

Linbrook Lake Hampshire is a new day ticket fishing spot opening soon, boasting a 6-acre gravel pit in a picturesque location near Ringwood.

Stocked with 300 carp, including 28 original catches ranging from 17lb to 27lb, the fish have shown impressive growth rates, making it an exciting destination for anglers.

Linbrook Lake

Linbrook Lake, Hampshire, BH24 3, United Kingdom

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Linbrook Lake

About Linbrook Lake

Come and visit Linbrook Lake Hampshire, a new day ticket fishing spot opening to the public on July 29th, 2016. Located in the Avon Valley near Ringwood, on the edge of the New Forest National Park, this 6-acre gravel pit is full of features like gravel patches, reeds, a small island, lilies, and overhanging trees that provide plenty of options for anglers.

The lake has been stocked with around 300 carp, including 28 original fish that have been caught so far, ranging from 17lb to 27lb. We have carefully selected our stock from top fish farms in England, ensuring a variety of beautiful carp including fully scaled, big plated mirrors, zip linears, leathers, and big shouldered commons.

The growth of the fish since stocking has been impressive, with many fish gaining 4-6lb per year and some even increasing by over 7lb in just one summer. When you visit Lin Brook Carp Fishery, you’ll be amazed by these fast-growing and stunning fish!