Hale Park Fishery

Hale Park Fishery in Hampshire offers 4 miles of accessible fishing area with 3 weir pools and side streams.

Known for chub and barbel fishing, it also provides opportunities for catching dace, roach, perch, bream, pike, carp, sea trout, and salmon.

The fishery was historically for salmon but now caters to coarse fishing as well.

Hale Park Fishery

Hale Park Fishery, Hale Park, Hale, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, SP6 1LY

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Hale Park Fishery

About Hale Park Fishery

Hale Park Fishery in Hampshire is a 2-mile long fishing spot with accessible banks on both sides, giving anglers 4 miles of fishing area. There are 3 weir pools and some side streams available for fishing. This fishery offers both game and coarse fishing opportunities all year round.

In the past, this fishery was mainly used for salmon fishing and not much for coarse fishing. However, it is now known for holding large chub and barbel fish, with many anglers catching their personal bests in these species here.

For coarse anglers, the main targets are barbel and chub. Dace are common in the summer and autumn months, and other species like roach, perch, bream, pike, and carp can also be found. Additionally, there is a good chance of catching sea trout and salmon in these waters.