Soke Road

Soke Road Hampshire is a popular fishing spot with interconnected lakes containing various fish species.

Recent additions include “208” hybrid carp.

The lakes have seen enhancements, restocking efforts, and an increase in bream population.

Carp remain the primary catch during angling matches.

Soke Road

Soke Road, Silchester, Hampshire, RG26 3PY

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Soke Road

About Soke Road

Soke Road Hampshire is a fishing venue with three small lakes that are all connected. These lakes have a variety of fish of different sizes. Recently, some new “208” hybrid carp were introduced to the lakes. The banks of the lakes were improved a couple of years ago, and there have been multiple restockings of fish since then. As a result, there are now more bream in the lakes, but carp are still the main fish that anglers are likely to catch in matches.