River Whitewater

The River Whitewater below Riseley Mill in Hampshire is ideal for fishing, with chub being the primary catch.

While barbel are scarce, anglers can still find perch and roach.

Be mindful of summer weed growth and focus on deeper spots for better results.

Chub often congregate near overhanging trees and rafts.

River Whitewater

River Whitewater, Hampshire, RG7 1XX, United Kingdom

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River Whitewater

About River Whitewater

The River Whitewater in Hampshire, specifically the stretch below Riseley Mill, is a great spot for fishing, especially for chub. While there aren’t many barbel here, you can catch some decent sized perch and roach. This section of the river is about half a mile long and offers a peaceful setting for anglers looking to catch smaller fish.

The area right below Riseley Mill is about 1km long and is perfect for those who enjoy catching roach, dace, perch, and chub (up to 5Ib). While barbel are not as common, there have been reports of catches up to 7Ibs. You may also find pike in the water.

During the summer, the river can become overgrown with weeds, so keep this in mind. It’s best to fish in the deeper areas and glides for the most success. Look out for overhanging trees and rafts, as chub tend to hang out there. Overall, this is a lovely spot for a relaxing day of fishing using various river tactics.