Chase Waters

Chase Waters Essex offers two distinct fishing lakes.

The front lake, nearly 9 acres, caters to serious anglers aiming for big catches with diverse hiding spots for fish.

On the other hand, the smaller back lake, about 7 acres, welcomes all types of anglers with various fish species and strategic fishing spots like islands and reed beds for an enjoyable fishing experience.

Chase Waters

Chase Waters, Essex, RM7 0, United Kingdom

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Chase Waters

About Chase Waters

Chase Waters Essex has two lakes for fishing. The front lake is perfect for serious anglers who want to catch big fish. It’s almost 9 acres and has different areas for fish to hide in. The swims are made for setting up a tent and fishing comfortably.

The back lake is smaller, about 7 acres, and is great for all types of anglers. It’s not just for carp fishing, you can catch many different kinds of fish here. There are special spots where fish like to hang out, like islands and reed beds. The swims are big enough for all your fishing gear and are easy to fish from.

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