Blunts Mere

Blunts Mere in Essex is a well-maintained and popular fishing spot managed by the Chelmsford angling association.

The lake offers a variety of fish, including carp up to 28lbs, tench, crucian carp, and perch.

With facilities like disabled angler swims and night fishing permits, it caters to a wide range of fishing enthusiasts.

Blunts Mere

Blunts Mere, Maldon Road, Heybridge, Essex, CM9 6NN

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Blunts MereBlunts Mere

About Blunts Mere

Blunts Mere in Essex is a popular fishing spot with a variety of fish to catch. The biggest carp in the lake can weigh up to 28lbs, but most are around 10-15lbs. Some lucky anglers have even caught carp over 20lbs. Other fish in the lake include tench up to 5lbs, crucian carp up to 5lbs, and perch over 4lbs. Whether you’re looking to catch big fish or just enjoy a relaxing day by the water, Blunts Mere is a great spot for all types of anglers.

The lake is 2.7 acres in size and ranges in depth from 3ft to 14ft, with an average depth of 7ft. Facilities on-site include toilets and swims specifically for disabled anglers. Night fishing is allowed with a valid permit, so you can fish whenever suits you best.

This fishery is looked after by the Chelmsford angling association, ensuring that the lake is well-maintained and a great place for fishing enthusiasts to visit.

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