Crescent Lake

Crescent Lake in Essex is a one-acre lake created by monks over 800 years ago.

It features a bird sanctuary, accessible fishing spots, and a variety of fish including carp, pike, tench, eels, roach, rudd, crucian carp, and perch.

Different baits can be used to catch these fish, making it an enjoyable location for families to visit.

Crescent Lake

Crescent Lake, Essex, SS2 6BH, United Kingdom

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Crescent Lake

About Crescent Lake

Crescent Lake in Essex used to be two ponds, dug over 800 years ago by monks. They were joined together to create a one acre lake. There is a bird sanctuary on the island in the middle of the lake. The park has toilets, a cafe, playing fields, and a museum for families to enjoy.

The lake is about four feet deep and has eight spots for fishing, all accessible for people with disabilities. The paths along the north and south banks are for walking, not fishing.

You can catch carp up to the mid to high 20’s, pike up to the upper 20’s, and tench up to 10lbs. There are also eels, roach, rudd, crucian carp, and perch in the water.

If you’re fishing for tench, you can catch 20-30 fish in a day using bread, worm, corn, or cockle as bait. Carp can also be caught using these baits, not just boilie. Maggots or pinkie bait will bring small roach and rudd, and maybe a crucian carp or perch up to 2½lbs.

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