Pebmarsh Lake

The Colnes Angling Society, established in 1910, is based at Pebmarsh Lake in Essex.

Originally limited to Colnes villages and Chappel, it now welcomes all members.

Initially renting spots along the River Colne, the club now owns fishing rights to various still waters and river sections.

Acquiring Pebmarsh Lake in the 1970s boosted membership to around 400, catering to various angling preferences.

Pebmarsh Lake

Pebmarsh Lake, Pebmarsh, Halstead, Essex, CO9 2NH, United Kingdom

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Pebmarsh LakePebmarsh Lake

About Pebmarsh Lake

Pebmarsh Lake in Essex is where the Colnes Angling Society is based. The club has been around for over a century, starting in 1910. Originally, it was just for people in the Colnes villages and Chappel, but now anyone can join. They started by renting spots along the River Colne, but now they own fishing rights to several still waters and more of the river. Getting Pebmarsh Lake in the 1970s led to a lot more people joining, and now there are about 400 members. The club is great for all kinds of anglers, whether you’re fishing for fun, trying to catch big fish, or competing in matches.

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