Cotton Farm

Mill Cotton Fishery in Northamptonshire near Ringstead is a popular fishing spot with two lakes filled with carp, barbel, and silver fish.

It is open all year during the day for club members only, offering a unique fishing experience with posted rules and on-site amenities like a bathroom.

Cotton Farm

Cotton Farm, Welford Road, North Kilworth, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, NN14 4AD

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Cotton FarmCotton FarmCotton Farm

About Cotton Farm

Mill Cotton Fishery is a fishing spot in Northamptonshire near Ringstead. It has two lakes with islands in them. The lakes are filled with different types of fish for people to catch.

The bigger lake has carp and silver fish like barbel. Anglers can try to catch these fish for fun. The smaller lake is just for silver fish, offering a different fishing experience.

The fishery is open all year during the day, but only for club members. There is a bathroom on-site for anglers to use.

The rules at Mill Cotton Fishery are different from other fishing clubs, and they will be posted at the entrance for everyone to see.

Overall, Mill Cotton Fishery is a great place for fishing. There are two lakes with lots of fish to catch, making it a fun spot for club members to enjoy throughout the year.