Sywell Reservoir

Sywell Reservoir in Northamptonshire is a historic 67-acre lake known for its excellent tench fishing.

While originally built for water supply, it is now a popular spot for anglers seeking tench, pike, roach, perch, and rudd.

With tench weighing up to 12 pounds, Sywell offers a serene and diverse fishing experience.

Sywell Reservoir

Sywell Reservoir, Holcot Lane, Overstone, Northampton NN6 9SJ, United Kingdom

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Sywell ReservoirSywell Reservoir

About Sywell Reservoir

Sywell Reservoir in Northamptonshire is a beautiful 67-acre lake that was built a long time ago to provide water for Rushden and Higham Ferrers. Even though it’s not used for drinking water anymore, Sywell is now known as one of the best places in the country to catch tench fish.

People who fish at Sywell can expect to find tench that weigh around 7 pounds, with some even reaching 12 pounds. Along with tench, there are also big pike, roach, perch, and rudd swimming in the lake.

Sywell is popular among anglers who want to catch a variety of fish and enjoy the peaceful setting of this historic fishing spot. Whether you’re after tench, pike, roach, perch, or rudd, you’ll have a great time fishing at Sywell Reservoir.