Lakeside Fishery

Lakeside Fishery in Northamptonshire offers three lakes for fishing, with various species including carp, barbel, and roach.

Day tickets range from £7.50 to £10 per person, with rules in place to preserve the fish and environment.

Additional options include renting the large lake or hosting matches for a fee.

Lakeside Fishery

Lakeside Fishery, Brickhill Farm, Gayton Road, Eastcote, Towcester, Northamptonshire NN12 8AL, United Kingdom

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Lakeside FisheryLakeside FisheryLakeside Fishery

About Lakeside Fishery

Lakeside Fishery in Northamptonshire has three lakes totaling 3 acres. The large lake has 2 ¼ acres of water with 24 fishing spots. The medium lake, also known as the Top Lake, is ½ acre with 8 fishing spots. The small lake, also known as the Bottom Lake, is ¼ acre with one fishing spot.

You can catch carp, barbel, bream, chubb, tench, and roach in the lakes. The carp can weigh up to 30lb and the barbel up to 9lb.

The fishery is open all year from dawn until dusk, but no night fishing is allowed. The prices for day tickets are £10 per person with two rods in the summer and £7.50 in the winter. The maximum number of people allowed on each lake varies.

There is also an option to rent the whole large lake for a day, with additional charges for more than 10 people. Matches can be held for £10 per person with a minimum charge of £150 and a maximum of £200. There are rules in place to ensure the condition of the fish and the environment is maintained, such as no barbed hooks or braid, no surface fishing, and no littering.

Anglers must have their own landing mat and clean landing net, and keep nets are not allowed except during matches. Guests are allowed but must pay as if they were fishing.