Naseby Reservoir

Naseby Reservoir in Northamptonshire is a large lake covering 93 acres, originally built to supply water to canals.

Anglers enjoy fishing for carp, roach, and pike, with opportunities for different species depending on water levels.

The reservoir offers diverse fishing experiences throughout the year.

Naseby Reservoir

Naseby Reservoir, Naseby, Northamptonshire, NN6 6JF

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Naseby ReservoirNaseby ReservoirNaseby Reservoir

About Naseby Reservoir

Naseby Reservoir in Northamptonshire is a big lake that covers 93 acres when it’s full. It was originally built to provide water for the Grand Union Canal Leicester line and also supplies water to the Welford Arm in Welford village.

People who like to fish will enjoy visiting Naseby Reservoir because it has a lot of fish. There are carp in the reservoir that can weigh up to 40lb, with most carp ranging from 8lb to 30lb. There are also a lot of roach in the reservoir, especially near the dam wall. It’s common to catch more than 50lb of roach.

When the water levels are high, especially after a rainy winter, there are good spots to fish on the dam wall platforms. These spots are great for catching pike, with some pike weighing more than 30lb. As the water levels go down in the summer and fall, anglers can fish from the gravel bottom of the reservoir, which makes fishing even more enjoyable.

Whether you’re fishing for carp, roach, or pike, Naseby Reservoir has a lot of different fishing opportunities all year round.