Harefield No2

Harefield No.

2 is a 50-acre gravel pit in South Harefield, Middlesex, next to the Grand Union Canal.

The fishing society managing the lake addressed low oxygen levels by adding various fish species, including carp, tench, bream, roach, and rudd, to diversify the fish population and improve the ecosystem.

Harefield No2

Harefield No2, Middlesex, UB9 6

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Harefield No2Harefield No2Harefield No2

About Harefield No2

Harefield No. 2 in Middlesex is a 50-acre gravel pit in South Harefield. It has lots of places for fish to hide and is next to the Grand Union Canal. People who are members of the fishing society can fish from different spots, either by driving or walking up to 500 meters from where they park. There are three parking lots for people to use.

In August 2017, the lake had a big problem with oxygen levels dropping. To help the fish population, the fishing society started a plan to put more fish in the lake. In February 2018, they added 165 carp, which were between 4lb and 22lb in size. These carp came from two different places and were chosen carefully based on how they look and how fast they are expected to grow.

In December 2019, Pit 2 got more fish added to it. This included 1500 tench, 800 bream, 500 roach, and 500 rudd. This was done to make sure there are more kinds of fish in the lake.