Harefield No1

Harefield No1 in Middlesex is a well-maintained fishing spot near Harefield village, offering a 7-acre lake with varied fish species including Carp, Tench, Bream, Roach, and Rudd.

The lake boasts three islands and lily pads, making it an attractive and peaceful location for fishing enthusiasts with convenient facilities and ample parking.

Harefield No1

Harefield No1, Middlesex, UB9 6AQ

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Harefield No1Harefield No1

About Harefield No1

Harefield No1 in Middlesex is a nice fishing spot located near Harefield village. The lake is about 7 acres in size and is well looked after. There are two secure parking lots, one on each side of the lake, so it’s easy to get to your fishing spot.

The lake has three islands and lots of lily pads in the summer, which make it a pretty place to fish. The lake is stocked with good quality Carp, with some weighing up to 35lbs. There are also plenty of Tench, Bream, Roach, and Rudd in the lake, so there’s a variety of fish to catch.

Whether you’re after Carp, looking for a big catch, or just want to catch some general fish, Harefield No1 has something for everyone. The facilities are well-kept, there’s easy parking, and lots of different types of fish to catch. It’s a great place for a peaceful and enjoyable fishing trip.