Knightscote Ponds

Knightscote Pond in Middlesex is cherished by members of the Uxbridge River fishing club, especially children, for its abundance of small fish.

Recently, older members have also taken to the pond, enjoying its serene surroundings and diverse fish population.

The pond’s accessibility, tranquility, and variety of fish make it an ideal destination for anglers of all ages.

Knightscote Ponds

Knightscote Ponds, Middlesex, UB9 6, United Kingdom

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About Knightscote Ponds

Knightscote Pond is a small pond in Middlesex, near Harefield Tackle. It’s a special spot for members of the Uxbridge River fishing club, especially the younger ones. The pond is full of small fish, making it a great place for kids to catch their first fish. The surroundings are peaceful and pretty, making it a perfect place for fishing and creating lasting memories.

Recently, older members of the club have also started enjoying Knightscote Pond. There’s always lots of fish to catch, which attracts fishermen of all ages. The pond has lilies, weeds, and clear edges that make it easy to find good fishing spots.

Even though it’s a small pond, the fish at Knightscote Pond are unique and getting bigger each year. You can find Crucians, Rudd, and Tench in the pond, with the occasional carp adding some excitement.

Whether you want to relax after work or introduce kids to fishing, Knightscote Pond is a great choice. It’s easy to get to, peaceful, and full of fish, making it a fantastic place for a fun and relaxing fishing trip.