Woodshaw Reservoir

Woodshaw Reservoir near Wigan in Greater Manchester offers exclusive fishing opportunities for members only.

The lake is renowned for its tench and crucian fishing, with a depth of approximately 3.5 feet making it easy to fish close to the reeds.

Morning and evening are optimal for tench and crucian, while roach and skimmers can be caught during the day using maggots in open water.

Mirror and common carp are intentionally excluded to maintain the unique crucian fishing experience.

Woodshaw Reservoir

Woodshaw Reservoir, Woodshaw Lane, Abram, Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN2 1QG, United Kingdom

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Woodshaw Reservoir

About Woodshaw Reservoir

Woodshaw Reservoir in Greater Manchester is a small, shallow lake near Wigan. It is only available for members to fish, so the general public cannot access it. The lake is well-known for its high-quality tench and crucian fishing. It is easy to fish here because the water is all the same depth, about 3.5 feet, and you don’t need to cast your line far from the reeds. The best times to fish for tench and crucians are in the mornings and evenings. During the day, you can catch lots of roach and skimmers by using maggots in the open water. There are no mirror or common carp in the lake, and the club wants to keep it that way to protect the special crucian fishing experience at Woodshaw.