Syke Foot

Syke Fishery in Greater Manchester offers a one-acre fishing lake with various fish species like Carp, Roach, and Perch.

The location has 18 fishing spots but visitors should be cautious due to steep edges and muddy paths.

It also has a smaller, shallower pond for winter fishing.

Access is through a gate near Syke Methodist Church.

Syke Foot

Syke Foot, Syke Road, Rochdale, Greater Manchester, OL12 9TF, United Kingdom

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Syke Foot

About Syke Foot

Syke Fishery in Greater Manchester is a fishing spot next to Syke Methodist Church on Syke Road in Rochdale. The lake is about one acre in size and goes down to about 18 feet deep. There are 18 spots where you can set up to fish. In the lake, you can find fish like Carp, Roach, Bream, Perch, Rudd, and more.

Be careful when you visit because the edges of the lake are steep, and the paths can get very muddy when the weather is bad. The fishing club also has a smaller pond that is shallow and easier to fish in. It can be a great place to fish in the winter when other spots might not have as many fish.

To get to the fishing spot, you need to go through a gate that is locked and walk across a field between Syke Methodist Church and Hazel Grove farmhouse. Some improvements, like new fishing spots and paths, were made possible by grant money secured by Barry Watkins.