Moran’s Moat

Moran’s Moat in Greater Manchester is a purpose-built fishery near Fan Lodge, offering 30 fishing spots for carp, tench, bream, and roach.

Special rules include using barbless hooks and no keepnets except during matches.

The site can be reserved for fishing competitions through the Match Secretary at £3.00 per spot.

Moran’s Moat

Moran's Moat, Greater Manchester, WN2 5NA, United Kingdom

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Moran’s Moat

About Moran’s Moat

Moran’s Moat in Greater Manchester is a fishery next to Fan Lodge. It was specially made for fishing and is about 120 meters long and 70 meters wide at the top. The water is 11 meters wide and has 30 fishing spots. It has shallow shelves on both sides and is 1.5 meters deep.

To start off, 1500 small tench, 2500 small skimmers, and many other types of fish were put into the water. In 2008, 400 chub were added, and in 2009, 2000 small carp were added.

You can reserve Moran’s Moat for fishing competitions by contacting the Match Secretary. It costs £3.00 per fishing spot for a minimum of ten spots.

The main types of fish you can catch at Moran’s Moat are carp, tench, bream, and roach.

There are some special rules for fishing at Fan Lodge and Moran’s Moat: No using keepnets except during matches, and only use barbless hooks.